Replacement for HP Pavilion dv9036EA Laptop Battery(Li-ion 4400mAh)

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Replacement for HP Pavilion dv9036EA Laptop Battery(Li-ion 4400mAh)



No. of cell 8
Capacity 4400mAh
Material Li-ion
Voltage 14.4V
Color Black
Weight 567g
Product Type Generic, Replacement Product
Inventory In Stock
Condition New, 1 year warranty!
Payment PayPal(Accept Credit Card)

Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.

Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

  • High quality battery cells with protection against overcharging and short circuit
  • No memory effect!
  • The new product is directly from the manufacturer.

Replacement batteries are made by our own factory with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price.

This battery on sales will be perfect replacement for your original battery.

Saving your money and time to select suitable brand new battery here, quality of this battery is certified as well by FCC, RoHS and the CE.

We guarantee our battery with a full warranty and 30-days money back or replacement from the date of purchase. Offer 100% Satisfied Customers Service, buy with confidence!

Any question or suggestion about our battery, please Contact us by email, so we can offer you the most convenient service.


Before purchase, please confirm that your machine model or part number Compatible with in our description, and also you can make a comparison between your original battery and our item, if same appearance(especially the connector location) it is no problem to replace with your machine as long as your model or part number Compatible with in our description.

Product Manual - Instruction Manual

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How to purchase the correct of battery?

Tip 1: You have to find your specific laptop model before ordering a correct battery. How to check your laptop model?

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open Run window.
Step 2: Input "msinfo32" in the empty box and click OK to open System Information.
Step 3: Keep in the System Summary section, and you will find the System Model item in the right pane.

Tip 2: Remove Battery from Laptop to find your laptop battery part number

Step 1: Switch off the laptop and unplug the power cable in case of electric shock
Step 2: Remove the back panel with the screwdriver. You should to this with care avoiding any harm to the laptop components.
Step 3: Disconnect the cable connected to the battery and then take out the battery. After that, you can check the specifications of your battery

Replace Part Numbers

Please use the key combination [Ctrl + F] to quick find Part numbers / model numbers below.


  • 416996-131
  • 416996-441
  • 432974-001
  • 434674-001
  • 434877-141
  • 448007-001
  • AG08
  • EV087AA
  • EX942AA
  • HSTNN-IB34
  • HSTNN-IB40
  • HSTNN-LB33
  • HSTNN-Q21C

If your part number is not list on here, please feel free to contact us before purchase!

Fit Models

Please use the key combination [Ctrl + F] to quick find Part numbers / model numbers below.


  • Pavilion dv9000 Series
  • Pavilion dv9000EA
  • Pavilion dv9000T
  • Pavilion dv9000Z
  • Pavilion dv9001EA
  • Pavilion dv9001TX
  • Pavilion dv9001XX
  • Pavilion dv9002EA
  • Pavilion dv9002TX
  • Pavilion dv9002XX
  • Pavilion dv9003EA
  • Pavilion dv9003TX
  • Pavilion dv9003XX
  • Pavilion dv9004TX
  • Pavilion dv9004XX
  • Pavilion dv9005CA
  • Pavilion dv9005EA
  • Pavilion dv9005TX
  • Pavilion dv9005US
  • Pavilion dv9005XX
  • Pavilion dv9006OM
  • Pavilion dv9006TX
  • Pavilion dv9007TX
  • Pavilion dv9008NR
  • Pavilion dv9008TX
  • Pavilion dv9009CA
  • Pavilion dv9009CL
  • Pavilion dv9009TX
  • Pavilion dv9010CA
  • Pavilion dv9010TX
  • Pavilion dv9010US
  • Pavilion dv9011TX
  • Pavilion dv9012TX
  • Pavilion dv9013CA
  • Pavilion dv9013CL
  • Pavilion dv9013TX
  • Pavilion dv9014EA
  • Pavilion dv9014TX
  • Pavilion dv9015EA
  • Pavilion dv9015TX
  • Pavilion dv9016EA
  • Pavilion dv9016TX
  • Pavilion dv9017TX
  • Pavilion dv9018EA
  • Pavilion dv9018TX
  • Pavilion dv9019EA
  • Pavilion dv9019TX
  • Pavilion dv9020TX
  • Pavilion dv9021TX
  • Pavilion dv9022EA
  • Pavilion dv9022TX
  • Pavilion dv9024EA
  • Pavilion dv9030EA
  • Pavilion dv9030US
  • Pavilion dv9033CL
  • Pavilion dv9035EA
  • Pavilion dv9035NR
  • Pavilion dv9036EA
  • Pavilion dv9037EA
  • Pavilion dv9038EA
  • Pavilion dv9039EA
  • Pavilion dv9040EA
  • Pavilion dv9040US
  • Pavilion dv9041EA
  • Pavilion dv9042EA
  • Pavilion dv9043EA
  • Pavilion dv9044EA
  • Pavilion dv9045EA
  • Pavilion dv9046EA
  • Pavilion dv9047EA
  • Pavilion dv9048EA
  • Pavilion dv9049EA
  • Pavilion dv9050EA
  • Pavilion dv9051EA
  • Pavilion dv9052EA
  • Pavilion dv9053EA
  • Pavilion dv9054EA
  • Pavilion dv9055EA
  • Pavilion dv9056EA
  • Pavilion dv9057EA
  • Pavilion dv9058EA
  • Pavilion dv9059EA
  • Pavilion dv9060EA
  • Pavilion dv9060US
  • Pavilion dv9061EA
  • Pavilion dv9064EA
  • Pavilion dv9065EA
  • Pavilion dv9066EA
  • Pavilion dv9067EA
  • Pavilion dv9068EA
  • Pavilion dv9072EA
  • Pavilion dv9073EA
  • Pavilion dv9074CL
  • Pavilion dv9074EA
  • Pavilion dv9075EA
  • Pavilion dv9075EU
  • Pavilion dv9075LA
  • Pavilion dv9076EA
  • Pavilion dv9077EA
  • Pavilion dv9078EA
  • Pavilion dv9079EA
  • Pavilion dv9080EA
  • Pavilion dv9081EA
  • Pavilion dv9082EA
  • Pavilion dv9083EA
  • Pavilion dv9084EA
  • Pavilion dv9085EA
  • Pavilion dv9086EA
  • Pavilion dv9087EA
  • Pavilion dv9088EA
  • Pavilion dv9089EA
  • Pavilion dv9090EA
  • Pavilion dv9091EA
  • Pavilion dv9092EA
  • Pavilion dv9093EA
  • Pavilion dv9094EA
  • Pavilion dv9095EA
  • Pavilion dv9095EU
  • Pavilion dv9095XX
  • Pavilion dv9096EA
  • Pavilion dv9096XX
  • Pavilion dv9097EA
  • Pavilion dv9097XX
  • Pavilion dv9098XX
  • Pavilion dv9099EA
  • Pavilion dv9099XX
  • Pavilion dv9100 Series
  • Pavilion dv9105EU
  • Pavilion dv9200 Series
  • Pavilion dv9200XX
  • Pavilion dv9201CA
  • Pavilion dv9201TX
  • Pavilion dv9202EA
  • Pavilion dv9202TX
  • Pavilion dv9203TX
  • Pavilion dv9204TX
  • Pavilion dv9205CA
  • Pavilion dv9205EU
  • Pavilion dv9205TX
  • Pavilion dv9205US
  • Pavilion dv9206EU
  • Pavilion dv9206TX
  • Pavilion dv9207TX
  • Pavilion dv9208NR
  • Pavilion dv9208TX
  • Pavilion dv9209TX
  • Pavilion dv9210CA
  • Pavilion dv9210TX
  • Pavilion dv9210US
  • Pavilion dv9211EA
  • Pavilion dv9211TX
  • Pavilion dv9212EA
  • Pavilion dv9212TX
  • Pavilion dv9213EA
  • Pavilion dv9213TX
  • Pavilion dv9214EA
  • Pavilion dv9214TX
  • Pavilion dv9215TX
  • Pavilion dv9216EA
  • Pavilion dv9216TX
  • Pavilion dv9217EA
  • Pavilion dv9217TX
  • Pavilion dv9218EA
  • Pavilion dv9218TX
  • Pavilion dv9219EA
  • Pavilion dv9219TX
  • Pavilion dv9220CA
  • Pavilion dv9220EU
  • Pavilion dv9220TX
  • Pavilion dv9220US
  • Pavilion dv9221TX
  • Pavilion dv9225US
  • Pavilion dv9230US
  • Pavilion dv9231CA
  • Pavilion dv9232EU
  • Pavilion dv9233CA
  • Pavilion dv9233CL
  • Pavilion dv9233EU
  • Pavilion dv9235NR
  • Pavilion dv9237EU
  • Pavilion dv9243EA
  • Pavilion dv9244EA
  • Pavilion dv9244EU
  • Pavilion dv9248EA
  • Pavilion dv9252EU
  • Pavilion dv9253EA
  • Pavilion dv9254EU
  • Pavilion dv9255EA
  • Pavilion dv9260NR
  • Pavilion dv9260US
  • Pavilion dv9265LA
  • Pavilion dv9266EA
  • Pavilion dv9266EU
  • Pavilion dv9267EA
  • Pavilion dv9268EA
  • Pavilion dv9269EA
  • Pavilion dv9271EA
  • Pavilion dv9272EA
  • Pavilion dv9273EA
  • Pavilion dv9274EU
  • Pavilion dv9275EA
  • Pavilion dv9275LA
  • Pavilion dv9276EA
  • Pavilion dv9283EA
  • Pavilion dv9285EA
  • Pavilion dv9286EA
  • Pavilion dv9287CL
  • Pavilion dv9288EA
  • Pavilion dv9289EA
  • Pavilion dv9291EA
  • Pavilion dv9292EU
  • Pavilion dv9294EA
  • Pavilion dv9294EU
  • Pavilion dv9295EA
  • Pavilion dv9295EU
  • Pavilion dv9296EA
  • Pavilion dv9296EU
  • Pavilion dv9297EA
  • Pavilion dv9299EA
  • Pavilion dv9299XX
  • Pavilion dv9500 Series
  • Pavilion dv9500/CT
  • Pavilion dv9500t
  • Pavilion dv9500z
  • Pavilion dv9525us
  • Pavilion dv9535us
  • Pavilion dv9600 Series
  • Pavilion dv9604TX
  • Pavilion dv9605TX
  • Pavilion dv9700/CT
  • Pavilion dv9700t
  • Pavilion dv9700z

If your machine model is not list on here, please feel free to contact us before purchase!